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Opinion on Nature on in Barcelona

I was taking a walk full of magical lights at Naturaleza Encendida in Barcelona. Today, I want to leave you my opinion of this event.

A family walk.

If you want to take a small, quiet route that the little ones in the house can enjoy, this could be a good plan. It is something simple, to see and observe. You don’t have the ability to interact or anything. The journey, taking it easy, will be about 30 minutes.

Nature On

Nature On Price.

From €18.50.

I consider the price quite expensive, for my taste, but it is a little higher than Lumágica , but it is better connected and has a much better lighting composition.

Bosque iluminado

On the other hand, I do not recommend spending €10 on the flashlight they sell, since it is just a not very useful toy.

About Nature On .

It is an event that takes place in various parts of the continent, so you are assured that everything will be in good condition. Or at least, that’s how I saw it when I went.

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