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Opinion of 8 Moroccan Surnames.

During this weekend I saw a movie that was not in my plans: 8 Moroccan Surnames. Here I want to leave you my opinion.

Some charismatic characters.

We start with a sad moment, but one that shows us the main characters. They have a very charismatic personality focused on the most “classic” and “caste” Spain surrounded by an extremely racist environment.

From this point, they set off along the plot to get to know Morocco. And finally they arrive.

Culture shock.

From a group of “racist” characters, but one of them very bold, they get into the adventure. There, as they move, they observe that it reminds them of “the people” and they also compare them to savages who do not know civilization.

After some movement to hide that they are Spanish, using flags, etc… they continue their trip and buy thousands of things “because they are so pretty and cheap.” All “normal” for someone racist.

In contact with Arab culture.

Finally, they meet the Moroccan woman who will be the protagonist. An empowered and hard-working woman (in addition to having beauty) who will be very willing to get to know you more deeply and explain some secrets that you don’t know.

In the same way, with the interest of manipulation an unprecedented plot is generated in which a racist family will accept an Arab girl without problems as a member of their new family. To do this, certain particular situations are generated that really turn out to be incoherent, so the film is shown a little later.

Moroccan touches.

It shows what a Moroccan wedding is like and the “little knowledge” that we Spaniards have about their customs. Furthermore, many Moroccans know Spanish, and even wear the FC Barcelona shirt to make them closer.

The wedding is done on paper, so it’s a cliché. Then, we continue with the boat trip, which ends in a boat (another cliché) to end up on one of the beaches in the south of Spain. There, they are intercepted. And here is where the film begins to develop the romantic part. Something I see as a bit forced.

Then, having a Moroccan boss, the workers begin to leave. It’s not just about the characters and the high leadership, it is shown that the working class is also highly racist, leaving their only place of support for an issue like this.

Personal opinion.

The film itself is fine but we must not lose the idea that it is a film. Since, with current information, one can believe that current culture is that racist… when the reality is just the opposite.

We must not forget the problems that are generated during the film, which would never have a good ending for the Spaniards involved… and the script breaks down a bit to force the clichés to occur.

If you have nothing to do, it may entertain you… but it is not a film that I would recommend due to its high dose of demagoguery about racism.

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