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Building bridges of Consciousness and Solidarity: Collaboration between the Zoo del Pirineo and the Amisol Association

In a moving gesture of solidarity and environmental awareness, the Zoo del Pirineo has extended a warm invitation to individuals from the occupational center of the Amisol Association.

This year, the day in contact with animals at the refuge’s facilities has resulted in a series of 14 impactful photographs, captured by the talented local photographer Antonio Chaparro Llanos. In these images, individuals assisted by the Amisol Association share the spotlight with the majestic wild animals residing in the refuge.

Asociación Amisol

The initiative not only aims to provide a unique experience for individuals from the Amisol Association but also has a broader goal: to raise awareness about the protection of wild animals in our country. Through this collaboration, the Zoo del Pirineo hopes to sensitize society to the importance of preserving wildlife and promoting harmonious coexistence between humans and animals.

The magic of these photographs lies in the authenticity of the captured moments, where the connection between people and animals transcends species barriers and becomes a visual testament to empathy and mutual respect. Antonio Chaparro Llanos has managed to capture the essence of this unique experience, highlighting the beauty of the relationship between humans and the fauna that shares our planet.

In addition to the emotional dimension, this collaboration also has a charitable and sustainable purpose. The proceeds from the sale of a solidarity calendar, featuring the touching images of the day, will contribute directly to the sustainability of the Zoo del Pirineo facilities and support the noble cause of the Amisol Association.

From early December, those who wish to support this initiative can purchase the solidarity calendar. Sales points will be strategically located, including the Zoo del Pirineo stand at the Feria del Tió on December 9th in Solsona. Additionally, calendars will be available at Bar Casal in Solsona and at the souvenir shop of the wild animal refuge.

For more information and to support this specific cause, you can contact Stania Kuspertova at phone number 610 750 224. The collaboration between the Zoo del Pirineo and the Amisol Association has not only created an unforgettable experience for those involved but has also woven an invaluable bridge between environmental awareness and human solidarity, reminding us all of the importance of caring for and protecting our environment and the beings with whom we share our home on Earth.

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