Site Overlay promoting the company emerge as indispensable allies for companies seeking to gain a competitive advantage through data extraction at scale.

In an information-driven business world, the ability to access and analyze large volumes of data has become a crucial factor for success.

What is is a web crawling and data mining platform that allows companies to collect information from the web efficiently and at scale. Its name comes from the idea of ​​having “80 legs” working simultaneously to collect data from multiple sources on the web.

This cloud-based platform uses a distributed approach to perform web crawling tasks, meaning it can handle large volumes of data quickly and efficiently. Its friendly interface and its ability to scale according to user needs make it a valuable tool for companies in various sectors.

How You Can Help Your Business:

Data Collection at Scale: allows businesses to collect data from a wide variety of sources on the web, such as websites, social networks, and forums. This is essential for companies that need data at scale for market analysis, competitor monitoring, or product research.

Sentiment and Opinion Analysis:

The platform can be used to analyze sentiment and opinions expressed on the web about specific products, brands or topics. This provides companies with valuable information to adjust marketing strategies, improve products and manage brand reputation.

Competitor Monitoring: makes it easy to constantly monitor online competitor activities. This includes price tracking, product launches, marketing strategies, and any relevant changes in the competitive landscape.

Market research:

Companies can use this platform to obtain real-time data on market trends, consumer preferences, and other relevant factors. This is essential for making informed decisions and developing effective business strategies.

Content Personalization:

The platform allows you to collect data on users’ online behavior. This can be used to personalize content and offers, improving customer experience and increasing retention.

Cyber ​​Security and Surveillance: can be used to monitor the website for possible threats to company security, such as cyber attacks, software vulnerabilities and information leaks.

SEO Optimization:

The platform is useful for performing SEO analysis by tracking and analyzing the online presence of the company and its competitors. This helps identify opportunities for improvement and adjust search engine optimization strategies.

In summary

In an increasingly competitive business environment, the ability to access and analyze data at scale is essential. presents itself as a valuable tool that not only simplifies the data extraction process but also provides companies with the ability to obtain valuable information for strategic decision making. Its scalable approach and versatility make this platform a powerful ally for those organizations seeking to not only survive, but thrive in the information age.

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