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Opinion of Digimon 02 The Beginning

Today it’s time to talk about the Digimon movie 02 The Beginning. Keep reading to know more.

First impressions.

Under the success of the Digimon 01 movie, which was interesting for most fans, in this section of Digimon 02 The Beginning we can say that many fans have been disappointed.

Introduction to the beginning of Digimon.

It’s a movie that no one has asked for, about the origin of the Digimon. Focused on a mostly “dramatic” and somewhat “creepy” plot. From all this, the idea is to explain the origin of “how and why they began the election of chosen children.”

With the values ​​of friendship.

The film focuses on the values ​​of friendship of the chosen children and their digimon constantly, and for my taste very repetitive. So, for my taste, it is a very redundant film and lacking real value within the film.

I was expecting a little more action, a little more plot, and for it to constantly circle around the same theme without the plot of the film seeming to evolve.

Personal opinion of Digimon 02 The Beginning.

Personally I see the movie as quite weak, compared to the times that the series gave us and the last movie they released before this movie.

It’s nice to see characters from your childhood again who have grown up and come together for a mission that seems to surpass them.

However, I think it could have been reduced to a 40-minute special episode, instead of the length of the movie. Therefore, it has a rather weak argument.

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