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Route to collect chestnuts in Catalonia

Winter is coming and it is a tradition to eat chestnuts, but have you ever thought about going to pick chestnuts yourself? Here, you will be able to know where and when you can go to pick them up.

When are chestnuts picked?

Chestnuts begin to be harvested in the month of October. The truth is that during that month I was in Montseny, and it literally seemed like a rain of chestnuts. Sometimes I was afraid that it would fall on my head, because it made a pretty loud noise and also: they have spikes! You can read the story of that adventure here .

Where to go to pick chestnuts?

From Barcelona.

One hour from Barcelona, ​​you can go pick chestnuts at Montseny. The place is idyllic and incredibly beautiful, something characteristic of the area.

Beautiful route but now crowded.

Alba explains to us one of the Montseny routes, which, when making the video, thousands of people have taken and put an end to the fun of collecting chestnuts. However, it is a good insight to know what we can find in other places.

Less crowded route to pick chestnuts.

In Montseny you can find thousands of places to pick chestnuts, they can even fall on your head. And I promise you they hurt! One of the small routes that you can enjoy as a family is the one I leave you below.

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Route to collect chestnuts in Viladrau.

To take this path, we will go to the Erola hermitage and take the path that is there.

The route is about 8.33 km and is a circular route, so it is great for beginners who want to test themselves. Its slope of 272 meters is suitable for almost any beginner. And the time you need to go through it is 2 hours, but you can extend it up to a total of 3 to collect chestnuts.

Where to sleep?

Near the Montseny routes, you will see that you have great possibilities in campsites, which are beautiful and also a great offer of rooms, hostels and hotels in the area.

In its favor, I would say that it does not have the inflated prices of the Catalan coasts, so I see them as much more affordable for a romantic getaway and taking advantage of the surrounding routes to do something different and rewarding.

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If you dare to share your knowledge of where to go look for chestnuts in Toledo, I’m all ears.

In Huelva.

The best route I have found to pick chestnuts in Huelva is the Calabacino route. You can visit it with the family and enjoy the connection on a marked trail.

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Would you like to share the routes you know? I would love to.

Choose your gloves to pick chestnuts.

I have mentioned before that chestnuts have spikes, and they are covered in an armor of spikes, which looks like a tennis ball. To avoid problems, I recommend gloves t

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