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Review of Harry Potter: The Exhibition in Barcelona

Harry Potter: The Exhibition , the acclaimed exhibition that pays tribute to the eight films of the famous Wizarding World, arrives in Barcelona with the promise of immersing visitors in the magic and charm of the saga. However, after visiting the exhibition, it is difficult not to feel that the experience leaves something to be desired.

Throughout the exhibition, iconic moments from Harry Potter history are featured, accompanied by behind-the-scenes information. While this may be exciting for the most devoted fans, the lack of innovation and originality becomes evident to those already familiar with the extensive universe created by JK Rowling.

Interactivity in Harry Potter.

What stands out most is the absence of interactive elements that could have taken the experience to a higher level. The exhibition feels more like a static tour than a complete immersion into the magical world. The opportunity to actively participate and experience the magic firsthand is missed, leaving visitors feeling like they could have gotten more for their entry.

High variable price.

Another aspect that does not go unnoticed is the price of admission, which could be considered high compared to the amount of content and experience provided. As visitors progress through the exhibition, they may be somewhat disappointed to realize that the monetary investment does not fully translate into a unique and enriching experience.

My opinion

In conclusion, Harry Potter: The Exhibition in Barcelona, ​​although it may have an undeniable appeal for the most fervent followers of the saga, fails to offer the depth and novelty that those seeking a more immersive and participatory experience might expect. The exhibition seems to remain on the surface of a world full of possibilities, leaving attendees with a longing for more authentic and immersive magic.

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