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Route of the 3 Coladas of Sant Joan de les Fonts

The Route of the 3 Coladas is located in the Garrotxa region, in the province of Girona, Catalonia, Spain, Sant Joan de les Fonts and is a hidden treasure that houses a wonderful combination of geological history and natural beauty.

Among the numerous hiking routes that this region offers, the 3 Coladas Route stands out as a fascinating trip that immerses us in ancient volcanic activity and allows us to enjoy impressive landscapes.

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Geological history: lava flows

The volcanic origin of Garrotxa dates back thousands of years, when the earth experienced intense seismic activity. The Route of the 3 Coladas takes us through three lava flows that solidified in different periods, creating a unique panorama. These flows, known as Malpaís, Roca Negra and Malveí, are silent witnesses of the strength and majesty of nature.

Walk through the Malpaís

El Malpaís, the first of the flows on our route, is characterized by its irregular and rocky terrain. Here, we find tangible evidence of volcanic activity, with basaltic formations that have stood the test of time. The vegetation that has managed to thrive between the cracks in the rock adds a touch of color to this lunar landscape.

Discovering the Black Rock

The Black Rock transports us to a setting where the lava cooled quickly, creating a dark and rough surface. This stretch of the route offers stunning views of the surrounding valleys and distant mountains. The flora adapted to these extreme conditions reminds us of the tenacity of life in the midst of adversity.

Malveí: the last stop

The third stream, Malveí, closes our tour. Here, the lava flowed forming an extensive plain that contrasts with the more abrupt characteristics of the previous flows. This section invites us to reflect on nature’s capacity to transform and reinvent itself.


  • Appropriate Footwear : Given the rocky terrain, it is essential to wear comfortable and resistant footwear.
  • Water and Snacks : Make sure you bring enough water and some snacks to energize you during the hike.
  • Sun Protection : Direct exposure to the sun can be intense, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen and wear a hat.
  • Respect for Nature : Keep the route clean and respect the local flora and fauna, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.


The Route of the 3 Coladas of Sant Joan de les Fonts is more than a simple walk; It is an immersion in the geological history of the region and an opportunity to appreciate nature’s amazing ability to transform and shape the landscape. Each lava flow tells a unique story, and together, they form an unforgettable journey between volcanic majesty and natural beauty.

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