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Mojón del Lobo Route: adventure in nature

The route is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered by nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Located in the picturesque mountain region, this route offers a unique experience that combines challenging hiking with the opportunity to immerse yourself in natural beauty and local history.

Discovering the route

El Mojón del Lobo extends for approximately 15 kilometers, winding through lush forests, deep canyons and majestic peaks. The route takes its name from an ancient landmark known as “El Mojón del Lobo”, which according to local legend, marked the territory of wild wolves in the area.

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Challenging hiking

The trail offers a mix of terrain, from gentle paths to steep climbs that will test hikers’ endurance. As we ascend, the panorama becomes increasingly impressive, revealing deep valleys and hidden waterfalls. The more adventurous can detour at some points to explore secondary routes that lead to even more remote and unspoilt places.

Unique flora and fauna

The Mojón del Lobo Route is home to a varied range of flora and fauna. The forests are home to a diversity of native trees, from robust pines to leafy oaks. Bird watchers will be delighted with the opportunity to spot local and migratory species. Additionally, the region is known for supporting populations of deer and wild boar, which can occasionally be seen along the road.

living history

Along the route, there are vestiges of ancient human settlements and ruins that tell the history of the region. Some of these relics include remains of ancient fortifications and carved stones that give clues to the life of the communities that inhabited these lands centuries ago.


  1. Proper preparation: Make sure you bring the right equipment, including sturdy shoes, comfortable clothing, and enough water and food for the trek.
  2. Respect for nature: Keep the route clean and respect wildlife. Leave only footprints and take any residue with you.
  3. Safety: Tell someone about your itinerary and carry a detailed map of the route. Also, check the weather conditions before embarking on the adventure.
  4. Enough time: Plan your trip with enough time to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings without rushing.

The Wolf Mojón Route offers a unique opportunity to disconnect from the daily routine, connect with nature and explore the rich history of the region. Each step reveals new landscapes and exciting discoveries, making this journey an unforgettable experience for all those who venture on its trails.

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