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Exploring the Garraf Natural Park: natural treasures

The Garraf Natural Park, located on the Catalan coast, is a true natural refuge that offers a unique combination of Mediterranean landscapes and impressive rock formations.

Among the many wonders that this park houses are its peaks, each with its own beauty and distinctive characteristics. Discovering the peaks of the Garraf Natural Park is embarking on an adventure that combines panoramic views, biodiversity and the magic of geology.

The emblematic Summits

La Morella Summit

Location: La Morella, with its 594 meters of altitude, is one of the most notable peaks in the Garraf Natural Park. It offers stunning views of the coast and inland, allowing visitors to enjoy a complete panoramic view of the region.

Top of the Phrygian Cap

Location: With 385 meters of altitude, La Gorra Frigia is another notable peak. Its name is due to the peculiar shape of its summit, which resembles a cap. This peak provides fascinating views of the cliffs plunging into the Mediterranean Sea.

Summit of La Plana Novella

Location: La Plana Novella, with 422 meters of altitude, offers a unique perspective of the vineyards and fields that characterize the region. This peak is known for its biodiversity, with a rich variety of flora and fauna living in its surroundings.

Hiking trails

La Morella Route

This hiking route takes visitors to the top of La Morella, offering the opportunity to explore the rocky terrain and enjoy the panoramic views along the way.

Phrygian Cap Route

The route leading to La Gorra Frigia is a unique experience, where hikers can marvel at the fascinating geology and enjoy the sea breeze as they approach the summit.

La Plana Novella Route

The route leading to La Plana Novella is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the park’s biodiversity, with forests and open areas surrounding the path to the top.

Exploration Tips

  • Make sure you wear comfortable, hiking-friendly shoes, as well as water and sun protection.
  • Respect for Nature:
    • As you explore the peaks, respect the local flora and fauna, as well as the park’s rules and regulations to preserve their natural beauty.
  • Choice of Schedules:
    • Depending on the season and weather, choose the right times to enjoy your experience to the fullest.


Exploring the peaks of the Garraf Natural Park is to immerse yourself in a world of natural wonders and spectacular views. Whether you are looking for a challenging hike, a connection with nature or simply the excitement of discovering new landscapes, these peaks offer a unique experience on the Catalan coast. Each peak tells its own geological and natural story, turning the exploration of the Garraf Natural Park into an unforgettable adventure.

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