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Via Ferrata Venes de Rojalons

Discover the unique emotion of conquering the Venes de Rojalons via ferrata, an underground and unique experience in Spain. Although it is not extensive or reaches impressive heights, this via ferrata will challenge you with original steps, testing your skills and bravery.

How to get to the Venes de Rojalons via ferrata

It leaves from Montblanc in the direction of Rojals on the TV-7042 highway. Around kilometer 4, you will find the small town of Rojalons on your right, where there is space to park about 5 cars. Follow the road towards Rojals for about 5 minutes until you reach a path on the left, marking the beginning of the approach route.

If you prefer to park closer, you will find a small parking lot for three cars about 20 meters after the approach road, to your right.

Access to the Via Ferrata Venes de Rojalons.

Access continues along the trail for about 20 minutes until you reach a fork. Take the path to the right, from where you can see the wall that marks the beginning of the via ferrata. A small marker on a tree will guide you in the right direction.

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The Route of the Via Ferrata Venes de Rojalons

The via ferrata is divided into two exciting sections. In the first, you will face an accessible K2 and a challenging K4 equipped with climbing holds at the start. Choose according to your level to avoid relying too much on the lifeline. A peculiar bridge will come next, forcing you to hold on to the lifeline if you are short.

After the bridge, you will face the first difficulty: a drop that will test you, followed by a vertical section that will demand your arm skills. Next, you will face a mini “step of faith” that will remind you of the Regina de Peramola via ferrata, followed by a traverse with pegs to support your feet. Shortly after, a well-marked exit will allow you to leave the road if you decide to do so.

If you decide to continue, start the second section, which includes a short descent with the help of chains. After ascending again, you will come across a second 12-meter Nepalese-style bridge that will take you to a new vertical section.

You will reach the second collapse, where you can choose a new escape (K3) or face the short but explosive collapse (K4). Descend with the help of chains and reach the cave, the climax of this via ferrata. Front-facing is recommended, as the ground can be slippery. After passing through the cave, choose between two variants to exit the via ferrata.

The easy option (K3) is a vertical chimney, while the difficult option (K4) involves a narrow section where you will have to remove your backpack, followed by a chimney with natural holds and the need to use your feet to climb in opposition. This last option adds a fun and exciting touch to conclude the via ferrata.

Return and closure.

To return, follow the indications on the ground marked with gray spray once off the road. In approximately 10 minutes, you will reach the start of the ferrata. Repeat the same approach until you reach your vehicle, thus closing this incredible day full of challenges and emotions.

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