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Toll de l’esqueix in Tarragona

he Ruta del toll de l’esqueix is ​​a popular hike in the province of Tarragona, in the Catalonia region of northeastern Spain. It is a circular route of about 7 kilometers that offers impressive views of the mountains and nature of the area.

How to get to El Pinetell?

If you are in Baix Camp or its surroundings, to get to the starting point you must go towards El Pinetell. First, drive into the interior of La Riba. Once in the municipality, look for the TV-7044 road that goes up the valley. After eight kilometers, you will find El Pinetell. Make sure you don’t pass it. The entrance to this district of Montblanc is located in a green area after the garbage cans, where you can find the parking area and the beginning of the trail.

How to get to the Toll de L’Esqueix?

To get to the Toll de L’Esqueix, from the parking lot and looking towards the town, take the street on the right. You will know which one is correct because on the right hand side there are several houses with gardens. After a few meters, you will find a junction. Turn left and you will continue along the path.

After about 15 minutes, you will come to a signpost with a fork. If you take the path to the left, you can visit the Roca del Lloro, which offers impressive views. After returning to the signpost, follow the path that leads to the Toll de L’Esqueix. You’ll know you’re close when you see the section equipped with a rope. Be careful!

After passing the most technical part, continue on the right and you will reach a natural pool. To your left, you will find some rocks that form a bridge to cross. After crossing the bridge, walk parallel to the river along a narrow path. In a few minutes, you will reach a wider path that crosses to the other bank.

What remains is easy, but uphill. You will come across power lines a couple of times. The last section of the climb is the most complicated, but it is short. These instructions are for you to follow the route in the same direction as me. If you prefer to do it the other way around, you just have to follow the track carefully.

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