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RockRider ST50 from Decathlon, personal opinion

If you are a passionate mountain biker and looking for a bike that offers exceptional performance without breaking the bank, the RockRider St50 is an option worth your attention.

With a robust design, efficient suspension and fair transmission, this bike stands out in the competitive world of MTB cycling. In this article, we’re going to dive into the reasons that make the RockRider St50 a fun choice for adventure lovers.

Review of the Rockrider ST50

Best of all, the RockRider St50 not only stands out for its exceptional performance, but also for its affordability. In a market where quality often goes hand in hand with high prices, this bike defies expectations by offering unrivaled value for money. Riders of all levels can enjoy the thrill of mountain biking without sacrificing their budget.

In my opinion, using my RockRider ST50 shows me a very versatile bike that does not stand out in anything in particular. So that you understand me, I will give you a small guide.

Robust design for unlimited challenges

The RockRider St50 isn’t just a bike, it’s a statement of strength and versatility. Its aluminum frame provides the durability needed to conquer varied terrain, while its sleek, lightweight design facilitates agility with every turn. Are you facing steep mountain roads or technical trails? The RockRider St50 is ready for the challenge, offering a perfect balance between strength and maneuverability. But don’t get too freaked out.

Versatility on wheels.

There is a wide range of tires, due to the long travel that the 26″ wheels have.

  • It allows you to carry smooth 1″ wide wheels and have the experience closest to the road.
  • You can also incorporate mixed wheels, for cycling tourism.
  • You can incorporate the classic mountain knobby wheels, whether for mud or dry terrain. For adventure.

On the other hand, the wheels also seem much more agile than the 29″ ones, so it will depend on what you like.

Cheap suspension.

Having an 80mm suspension falls short for many “hard” adventures, so I recommend it for simple mountain walking routes. So this suspension allows:

  • Little maintenance.
  • Greater comfort unlike rigid ones.
  • Allows you to correct driving errors.

However, this suspension allows you to travel through different, not very technical places. Although with the necessary skill, you could.

The saddle.

It is aimed at low-intensive use, so if you plan to do many hours or long routes, it will be very annoying. If your idea is to have more aggressive driving, it can be useful.

It is a very narrow saddle, perhaps annoying for some of them. In my case, after a few hours it can become quite annoying.

The Rockrider ST50 transmission.

For me it is a strong point, although for many it may seem like a negative point today. It is a “classic 3×7 (21 gears)” bicycle, so you have three chainrings and three sprockets.

For me, this ability to have so much range allows for a very rolling bicycle, with the ability to climb very inclined places, through the grinder technique. On the other hand, it has the same top speed as bicycles with 27.5″ or 29″ wheels thanks to this development.

However, the gear change is “fist” so for me, it is one of the negative points. I don’t like this type of change, because it is slow. However, it allows you to regulate any imbalances you may have.

Low power.

In my opinion, for mountains it seems a bit low. However, you have a rather aggressive stance. But it can be useful for many people who like it.

If what you want is a comfortable bike, it would be better to get another model more similar to hybrid or trekking bikes.

Accessories that can be included in the Rockrider ST50.

If you are looking for a road bike, this information will help you.

  • You can add a rear rack to be able to add saddlebags. In my case, with a size M bike and with a height of 1.71 meters and 20 liter “cowboy” style panniers, it is quite uncomfortable for me because I cannot position my feet correctly. With some based on height they are somewhat more comfortable, but it falls short for me.
  • Allows you to put simple fenders, with flanges or other ideas.
  • There is no designated place for lights so you must take that into account.
  • It only holds one accessory on the frame, such as a bottle cage.


The RockRider St50 is more than a bike; It is your companion in the search for new adventures. With a robust design, efficient suspension and quality transmission, this bike invites you to explore unknown terrain and discover the excitement of nature. Ready to challenge the limits? The RockRider St50 is waiting to take you to new heights. Get ready for the adventure of your life!

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