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Wonka, the opinion of the Chocolate Factory.

For this occasion, I leave you the opinion of the movie “Wonka”, the beginnings of the most famous chocolatier by British author Roald Dahl. He has two previous films, which is “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and, the one that many of us know, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Wonka, more than a movie, a musical.

Once you go to see the film, you will realize that the musical choreographies are going to be the daily bread. Something that fits perfectly with the optimistic protagonist who will have a blow with the reality of what it means to be in the city.

And not everything is lost, because the illusion does not escape anywhere… even on a cold night like the one that occurs in the city. And well, song after song, we will see the scenes pass in front of our television.

In themselves, they are catchy and do not have a tone that stands out or seems forced within the film. So, I think it is well integrated.

A Willy less Wonka.

Those who saw “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, and who also liked Johnny Depp’s performance, may see the character’s charisma diminished. That can leave a bittersweet taste for those who expect that “charisma”, however we must keep in mind that the character is at the beginning and must face a world in which he does not have control.

Here, in this film, a legend is born, but it still has a lot to grow. Of course he is very good at what he does.

Final conclusion.

The movie reminded me a little of a musical. Perhaps it would adapt well to Broadway easily, but plot-wise there is nothing new about it. It is a film that has a special magic, it is dynamic and fun to watch with charismatic characters and a fairly dark background.

So my recommendation is not that it is a movie that you must see no matter what, but for a fun afternoon of disconnecting and listening to some “Disney” style songs. However, I wouldn’t invest the time if I have other things to do.

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