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Migration, opinion of the duck movie made by the Minions.

The Migration movie has suffered some delay, and I was finally able to see it. Here I leave you my comment.

Migration, a topsy-turvy journey.

It was a movie that I had been looking forward to for some time, ever since I saw the trailer. Now, I wasn’t expecting anything out of this world… but maybe I wasn’t expecting such a basic movie.

A prototypical film.

If we look at the evolution of the characters, we can see that they comply with certain patterns from the beginning to the end of the film. So the evolution looks natural and the growth of the characters allows them to grow while the film lasts.

Although it is very easy to predict everything that may happen from the beginning of the film through characters that are well cohesive, but they are not going to give you anything new.

A tabletop movie.

Even though it has been released in the cinema, this film should be on one of the streaming platforms (HBO, Netflix, Prime Video…) because it is not worth the price of a cinema ticket.

We can find some easy jokes and a romantic couple plot, while the little ones also feel the need to experiment and grow. So it is a film dedicated so that each of the family members can feel represented.

My opinion.

First of all, I love watching animated movies. However, if you have other options, they will surely be much more interesting than “Migration, a trip upside down.” However, if you want to entertain the little ones in the house, it can be a good option.

If you are a couple, it is not a movie that is romantic although it has its story of improving the relationship, so something romantic can be considered. As far as you can see it, for a weekend after dinner when you don’t want to do anything. And maybe, take a nap.

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