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Deliver Us Mars review.

Today we will talk about the Deliver Us Mars video game/movie. Recently, I was able to play it and enjoy its story on Mars.

This is a game, or what I would call, an interactive movie. It is a linear story that is the second part of Deliver Us Moon.

The story of Deliver Us Mars.

You play Kathy, an expert and daughter of one of the most brilliant scientists and engineers on earth. For some strange reason, your father leaves you behind against his will. And the moment you are an adult, that is when the whole plot that you will have to discover will begin.

The dilemma of choosing between family and land.

The whole story revolves around having the bond with your father again. And if that’s not enough, your sister will be on board to ask what your intentions are once you find your father.

At all times, the protagonist will find herself in desperate situations in which she will have to focus on the true objective of her trip. Not only this, but you will discover everything that has happened on Mars once you arrive.

Surprises and more surprises.

As you progress, you will see that each of the characters have their own interests. Not only this, you will discover the plot and the plans B that they have prepared for any situation.

And it is normal, being on Mars in order to obtain certain artifacts and return them to Earth will not be an easy task. If this, we add everything we can find, it would be the most normal.

An interactive narrative.

The story is linear and is ideal for people who play casually. The dynamics are very simple to explore. Includes a little “climbing” with ice axes and the discovery of the red planet.

The truth is that the graphics and the feeling are spectacular, and the story lasts approximately 7 hours. So it is ideal to play on an intense day or over several days.

At the end of the story, it leaves us with an intriguing question that perhaps allows for a third installment.

Deliver Us Mars review.

You have to keep in mind that it is a game, and it is best to play with a keyboard and mouse. It is a story with impressive views and prepared so that you can take beautiful photographs of the game itself. So for me, it is for those who love striking images.

On the other hand, the interaction with the red planet with its weather seemed fantastic to me. Furthermore, the story and the characters are not the most charismatic and some areas become somewhat boring, but they keep you attentive and show real personalities.

In my case, I had it for free. The usual price is €30, however I do not consider it to have that value. Maybe I would buy it for €10… although I’m not used to this type of game. But it is something I recommend. For now, I have to try Deliver Us Moon.

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