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Aquaman 2: my opinion.

First of all, I must say that I haven’t seen the first Aquaman… although I have a good opinion of Jason Momoa. So I’m going to be as impartial as possible. You want to know more? I’ll explain.

A film with a very childish protagonist.

Although I haven’t seen Aquaman 1, yet, I have seen Zack Snyder’s “Justice League.” So I must say that in Aquaman 2, the protagonist behaves in the same way that a spoiled child who wants to solve everything with violence can behave. For this reason… I already disconnect a lot from a character who should be king of one of the most important civilizations on earth.

So, we will see a beaten “boy” who only thinks about hitting everything that comes close… the typical stereotype of the “hunga-hunga” man. So, well, it seems a little sad to me to make such a “basic” character, and for me he loses a lot of strength.

Aquaman, an underrated hero.

It is true that Aquaman is not the most famous DC hero for his powers, but I think that putting only “brute force” on him loses a lot of fun, especially if the entire movie takes place almost all the time at sea.

The Aquaman 2 movie.

While watching the film, I was reminded of certain moments and other famous films, such as Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Honey I Shrunk the Kids and a bit of Indiana Jones. So it adds a little “essence”, but none of the worlds that are incorporated quite come together.

Also, we will see details of blood in some combats… which from my point of view are quite poor and lack coherence with the “type of character” that we have before us with the relationship of the combat with their enemies.

Full of cliches.

During the film they make reference to some characters from the DC universe, about the food of the earth… among other things. However, it is so full of “jokes” or “absurd comedy” that the fun is lost as the story unfolds.

So we have a strong, clown “superhero.” I think that covers up the acting qualities that Jason Momoa and the actors who are next to him may have… however, everything is overshadowed by nonsense… even losing along the way in the honor of the previous king of Atlantis.

Too quick an ending.

In a film in which you present several “different” locations and that also does not contribute anything important during the scenes, we find an ending that is altered to be able to meet the time it must serve in the cinema.

This causes a super-fast ending to get to the end, meaningless with a fight that ends in less than 1 minute. Seeing how old the scenes were, it lacks value and it is a shame that epic moments where the protagonists could shine did not emerge.

My opinion of Aquaman 2.

All the people I have talked to about Jason Momoa’s movies, since he appeared in Game Of Thrones, only focus on his physique and not his acting attributes. From here, it is true that they are going to pigeonhole the actor to fulfill what the audience wants: a strong and joking man.

It seems like a weak movie to me, too much, that doesn’t contribute anything to the character or the DC universe. It is simply a simple film, which has no value to be in the cinema… perhaps on one of those platforms like Netflix or HBO.

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